Ida Barr Superstar Comedy RnB DJ!

Ida Barr, Comedy DJ, RnB DJ, and Gangsta Rapper

Ida Barr is a dab hand not only on the M.I.C., she also is an amazing MC on the wheels of steel. Ida is the perfect novelty comedy DJ for your party or event. She's played at some of the biggest parties on a couple of continents, so if you're looking for the best mix of upbeat party choons and feel-good disco look no further than Ida Barr, comedy DJ.

Ida favours the mashup. That mix of styles that fuses together two or more tracks into one. She does this with fearless skill so you find yourself dancing to banging RnB with a light ent flavour, in a set which has your brain reeling with stimulation as tracks from all musical genres are fused with kicking beats that keep your feet in extacy.

Ida has DJd at private parties, corporate functions, arts events. This can be incorporated with a comedy stand-up set. Either way it's very likely that everyone will end up doing the Hokey Cokey to a crunk beat.

Review by the London Science Museum

Here is a video of Ida Barr in action in the Speigeltent in Melbourne, Australia, spinning some choons and whipping up the crowd:

Ida is available either as a solo DJ or with her sidekick DJ Godslove, who you can see in action here:

Together or Ida solo they can provide all your music needs...